Proprietary Knowledgebase

CMA maintains large national and international databases of demographics, operations, technology, performance, and market share for sectors within the telecom and media industries. A feature that sets us apart from generalist firms, these databases enable our staff to rapidly engage in new projects by tapping existing resources to start work immediately, rather than expending resources collecting information on which to base our analyses.


CMA maintains a proprietary, detailed database of benchmarks for a wide variety of corporate performance and valuation metrics. We update these benchmarks regularly, and use them to assist our clients in measuring and improving their operations and in valuing M&A and investment opportunities.

Mapping and GIS

We provide cutting-edge mapping and geospatial information systems analysis to our clients. Our GIS team is highly experienced in both the technical and business issues concerning GIS significance in the communications industry. We combine our proprietary databases with GIS systems and demographics data to drive our analyses and generate actionable plans tied to specific geographic areas. We provide detailed, high resolution maps of service availability, adoption, demographics, and other data sets. We support our analyses and recommendations with CMA’s proprietary detailed, high quality maps, as well as Google Earth files and CAD files. These maps and diagrams contain a variety of pertinent data including service availability and competitive factors, cost and construction factors, and demographics information.