Business and Strategic Planning

CMA assists clients with the development and evaluation of business strategies. We support the planning process by providing data from our knowledgebase and benchmarks that inform practical recommendations based on rigorous quantitative financial and market analysis. We employ detailed, proprietary analytical frameworks developed through decades of advising senior operators, investors, and government agencies. We can also assist our clients with a variety of corporate development activities including alliances and joint ventures, divestitures, acquisitions, rollups, and other transactions

Due Diligence and Securities Analysis

Our team members have significant expertise in financial, technical, market, and regulatory due diligence, and assist our clients with the analysis and evaluation of mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and debt financings. We provide detailed, quantifiable insights into the risks, opportunities, and synergies of potential transactions. Further, we provide independent advice on operational and strategic plans to ensure that transactions go smoothly and there are no unpleasant surprises. We support our clients through all phases of the investment cycle from sourcing through the transaction, due diligence, monitoring and operational advice, through evaluating exit options and managing the exit transaction. We support numerous traders with quick, accurate, and customized financial and operational analysis. Our unrivaled industry experience as operators and engineers enables us to look deeper into company operations than most financial analysts, providing our clients with detailed insights into company operations, competition, and regulatory issues. Our team has conducted diligence of new business models across the world, including in Canada, China, Germany, Haiti, India, Italy, Japan, Martinique, Mexico, Spain, UK, and many others.

Operational Improvement, Revenue Assurance, and Churn Reduction

We help our clients improve all aspects of their business. We conduct detailed studies of customer care and network operations to cut costs, eliminate revenue leakage, reduce churn, and maximize service quality. Our team has identified and successfully recovered revenue leakage of up to 20% of gross revenue at the product level. We have a demonstrated track record of cutting churn and reducing CPGA at wireless, cable, CLECs, ILECs, and other operators, as well as reducing cost of revenue through improving network performance and design.

Product Development

We assist both emerging businesses and established, industry-leading corporations in developing new business models and in successfully launching new wireless, broadband, and VoIP services. We also assist our clients with the development of new sales channels that re-energize revenues from existing products. CMA leverages our relationships with potential distributors, including ILECs, CLECs, MSOs, and MSPs. Our engineering experts assist companies to develop new and upgrade existing product lines, including hardware, software, and networks in all parts of the TMT industry. These engineers have developed successful innovative products, including the VoIP platform for a major carrier, and the cable modem platform used by a large cable overbuilder. CMA’s cutting-edge expertise enables our clients to stay ahead of trends and take advantage of new technologies such as cloud computing. Our advice helps our clients to avoid industry hype and make sound investments in proven technologies with strong customer adoption.

Interim Management

CMA’s leaders are often asked to assume interim management assignments, including CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CIO, marketing, sales, and engineering. Our team members have senior executive experience in both interim and permanent positions. Our connections in the industry help us recruit and on-board new executives. We also assist our clients in identifying and developing senior management talent from within their organizations to effectively utilize all of their staff resources.

Regulatory Assistance

CMA’s professionals provide economic and regulatory analyses and testimony. We have testified before the FCC, DOJ, FTC, and various state regulatory and legislative bodies. Our experts have extensive experience with matters including the TRO, TRRO, major ILEC mergers, special access pricing flexibility, service quality, retail pricing flexibility, and competition analysis.