Our Infrastructure & Services Expertise


User Devices

The number of end user devices is dramatically exploding, driving mobile penetration rates above 100% and creating massive demand for the infrastructure needed for bandwidth. We have extensively studied the progression of technologies from 2G to 3G to 4G, and understand what will drive consumer demand for increased consumption.

Beyond the strain on networks, mobile devices have the opportunities to delight end users and make their lives easier or more engaging.

Example Projects

  • A study for a major carrier  to determine the future of mobile devices for consumers
  • M2M devices including smart meters and home security systems


Not all wireless spectrum is created equally and CMA routinely helps our clients value and assess opportunities around spectrum acquisition or sales. Spectrum in lower bands (such as the 700Mhz) is ideally suited for long range wireless coverage and in-building penetration. Higher band spectrum  (such as the 2.5Ghz) can be ideally used for capacity overlays and provide carriers with an option in urban environments where coverage is not an issue.

Example Projects

  • Value the spectrum holdings of a major international carrier
  • Assist with the bidding on spectrum during an FCC auction


For the last 20 years, carriers have been looking to divest their passive network assets in a bid to free up cash and invest in new network technologies.  U.S. carriers were early to divest, but the trend is accelerating internationally. Cell phone towers provide a unique and differentiated infrastructure asset for investors, but truly great returns depend upon increasing carrier collocation on any given tower.  Beyond the risk that certain towers might be in overbuilt areas or unattractive locations, there is a general move by regulators to enact radiation laws, force carriers to open up collocation on their own towers, and reduce the eyesore that overbuilding causes. CMA helps our clients navigate these issues on an international basis.

Example Projects

  • For a service provider, evaluate a portfolio of towers for sale in Brazil
  • For an investor, evaluate a tower opportunity in the U.S.
  • For an investor, evaluate a tower construction company in LATAM


With the explosion of bandwidth needs by end user devices, copper T1 lines are no longer sufficient in many cases to provide connectivity from the tower or customer premise to a carrier POP.  Additionally, media companies or high frequency traders are seeking out ultra low latency solutions to assist their businesses.  As such carriers, fiber operators, tower owners, and investors are all acutely interested in solutions such as microwave, free space optical, and fiber optics. CMA routinely assists our clients assess the opportunities and risks that each of these technologies poses.

Example Projects

  • For a backhaul provider, assess the competitive threats from nearby fiber or cable providers
  • For an investor, assess the business value of a fiber backhaul provider

Bandwidth Networks and Consumer Services

Fiber networks allow enterprises and carriers to provide ever increasing amounts of data with unparalleled speed and low latency.  The end economic value of these networks, however, rests in the number of On-Net or Near-Net businesses which can buy connectivity and the number of closeby competitive providers which can offer a similar service to one’s customers. For our clients, CMA uses a proprietary database of firmographic and GIS data to assess every opportunity.

CMA also works very closely with the leading Cable MSOs and Wireline Carriers for developing new product offerings, bundling strategies, network buildout support and more.

Example Projects

  • For an investor, assess the merger of two regional fiber providers and provide a market size and revenue opportunity
  • For a fiber provider, evaluate multiple new markets to enter
  • For an investor, provide diligence on a dark fiber provider

Datacenters and Cloud Services

An ever increasing number of enterprises are outsourcing their internal datacenters to external service providers to 1) get geographic diversity for disaster recovery purposes 2) get access to an upgraded facility with better cooling/space/connectivity options 3) trade capex costs for opex costs or 4) reduce the staff needed to oversee physical hardware by moving to managed hosting or the Cloud.  While datacenters can provide very attractive opportunities, their value may be limited by providing the wrong services in a geographically limited market. CMA helps our clients assess these risks and identify new revenue opportunities.

Example Projects

  • For an investor, assess the quality of a datacenter and determine the feasibility of adding power/space
  • For a service provider, assess the opportunity from moving from basic collocation to providing Cloud services
  • For a service provider, provide a market scan of every potential Cloud operator acquisition and score each opportunity
  • For a service provider, provide a market entry prioritization and Go-To-Market strategy for 20 tier 2 markets