The world’s toughest problems deserve the world’s top talent

CMA is regularly called upon by the most sophisticated investors and service providers in the world to help solve their toughest challenges.

Our analysts work in a highly collaborative, fast paced environment with senior management on a daily basis.  They come from the top universities in the country and seek a platform from which to launch their career.

Why CMA?

Intently Focused

CMA is a Boston-based, boutique strategic management consulting firm focused exclusively on the telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) industry.  Our work touches on all aspects and lifecycle stages of our clients’ business, including business planning and strategy development, investment and M&A due diligence, product innovation and roadmaps, marketing and customer acquisition, and financial and operational restructurings.

Unlike generalist firms, which might move an analyst from a textiles plant on one project to an oil company on the next, CMA’s analysts become deeply immersed the Ins and Outs of the dynamic, fast-paced TMT industry.  Our clients value that every member of each team is productive from Day One of each project.

A Dynamic Industry

The TMT industry is fast-paced and rapidly evolving, making it an exciting area industry in which to work. Our analysts spend their days learning about trends in cable TV viewing and how the Internet and cellular networks work, and conducting analysis that guides the next phase of their evolution.  Analysts are able to develop and build models forecasting global cell phone demand and the most cost effective way to construct a fiber network.  They also conduct both secondary and primary research in the TMT space and help create, expand, and maintain CMA’s proprietary datasets.

Dedicated to Training and Education

Beyond staid frameworks which have been used since the 70′s, CMA brings a fresh, analytics-based approach to all of our consulting projects.  Analysts learn advanced, quantitative modeling techniques and are taught the same business skills one would acquire from an MBA.  Our Partners and Principals are involved with every project on a daily basis, an approach unique to CMA, and help guide new analysts with insights developed over decades of experience.

New analysts will learn how to perform market research, build financial models, identify M&A targets and merger synergies, conduct due diligence, innovate on existing product lines, and present findings concisely and effectively to senior executives, investors, and government officials.  Over time, analysts receive more responsibility and gain experience in managing and contributing to the structure of projects and presentations. They will work with senior executives at some of the most exciting companies in the world, learning how they think and operate strategically.

Jump Start Your Career

CMA does not foster a “Two and Out” program, and every analyst who walks through our doors is given the opportunity to one day make Partner.  Consultants are promoted entirely on merit, and an advanced degree is not required.  While our consultants are able to rapidly move to higher and higher levels of responsibility, CMA fosters a friendly and collegial environment and discourages aggressive inter-employee competition.

CMA’s excellent training and industry expertise provide an excellent platform from which to launch a career.  Our alums have gone on to top business schools and tech companies, where they have excelled.

Other Benefits and Social Life

We offer all of the benefits new and recent graduates have come to expect from an employer including healthcare, 401(k)’s with employer matching and profit sharing.

One of our most unique benefits is the fact that we are a small boutique with about 25 employees. Our employees are encouraged to treat the firm as a startup and impart their touch on making the firm better. Have changes you want to make to the website? Go for it! Want to add art from a local artist to the walls? We love it!

Employees at CMA travel less than those at other consulting firms. We don’t need to work at a client location to provide strong, qualitative recommendations for action. That means that you get to spend less time traveling and more time at home.  Our senior team actively manages the number of projects CMA takes on at any time, balancing profit with well-being, which has giving us the reputation of being one of the best consulting firms to work for in Boston.  We are proud of this reputation and actively work to maintain it.

CMA also provides a unique and lively social calendar for members of our firm. Every season, we have at least one big event, ranging from scotch or wine tastings to summer outings on a lake in Essex, MA.  Every Friday, our firm sponsors a happy hour at a local bar or restaurant for employees to socialize outside of work and build and maintain lifelong friendships.


Think CMA might be a good fit for you?